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Is the UAE the new market for Chinese art?

In recent years, the boom of Chinese Art gets more and more popular in the western world. Will UAE become another home to the collection of Chinese Art? Even though UAE and China have close cooperation and the local art in UAE developed rapidly.

On April 28, there is an exhibition in Saadiyat Island, the art district in Abu Dhabi. It is the first solo exhibition of Zhuang Hongyi in the Middle East. At the same time, it is also the solo exhibition for Chinese Artists in Salwa Zeidan found in 1994.

Though Design Days Dubai is created in 2012, its management, plan and organization show surprising maturity.

This is one of works of art that Zhuang Hongyi created for the solo exhibition.

Vanja Rontini, the manager of art gallery, said, “We are honored of being the only agent gallery for Zhuang Hongyi in UAE.” As she introduced, Zhuang Hongyi has created 24 works for the exhibition particularly.” He gained inspiration from desert and ocean in UAE, creating these works which are decorative and innovative. And it attracted a lot of people to visit.”

Salwa Zeidan is the first contemporary gallery in Abu Dhabi, concentrate on agenting local and the Middle East artist. For this time, Vanja Rontini told us that she knew the works of Zhuang Hongyi first in London. Owing to enjoying his works, Vanja Rontini tried to take them to the art fair in Abu Dhabi. The audience shows great appreciate to them. Vanja Rontini remembered,” it encouraged us to hold the solo exhibition for him. ”

D3 Design Park in Dubai

However, Zhuang Hongyi is not the only artist appearing in UAE. In Design Days Dubai in March, Beijing Design Week and Gallery All, two exhibition organizations in China, both used the platform famous as “the top design exhibition in the Middle and East and South Asia”.

Gallery All managing partner Lu Xiao said, “We have heard Design Days Dubai, but we know a little.” One day, a customer from Dubai in Instagram saw the works of artists we agent, he was inspired. After the chief inspector of Design Days Dubai heard the news, he invited us to join in the exhibition.”

Gallery Art take the work of Chinese designer Zhang Zhoujie Design Day in Dubai.

Lu Xiao has a deep impression on their passion and initiative. He thinks that though Design Days Dubai is created in 2012, its management, plan and organization show surprising maturity.

In recent years, the art world has raised the version that art should learn from the East. The last evidence is that Armory Show launched the step, “Focus on art in the Middle and East, South Africa and Mediterranean region”, responding the Arab culture the world pay attention to. From Art Dubai (2005), Abu Dhabi’s Guggenheim Museum (2006), the branch of Louvre in Abu Dhabi (2007) to the d3 design park on construction, the boom of Arab culture gave birth to the local collector. They are interested in collecting local and the world’s artistic works, including Chinese works.

Vanja Rontini said, “Nowadays, there is a wave of collect Chinese modern artistic works.” At the same time, “The collector in UAE joined in it, and more and more local collectors are interested in Chinese art. We hope to promote development, because it is the reason we hold the exhibition.”